Zuzana Dravecka

I’m originally from Slovakia but I have lived in Ireland for the past 12 years with my husband & daughter. I have been lucky to join in Dlight team a few months ago, and it’s been a great experience.

My favourite indoor lights would be the Kubin Tubo and Foscarini Tress Stilo Floor Lamps. Both are simple, elegant and yet bring texture to the room. My favourite outdoor light would be the LEDs C4 Alba Wall Lights and Aldo Bernardi Mediterranean Wall lights.

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Inspiration: World & People around me
Getting out of bed: Excitement what the day will bring.
Luck or hard work: Bit of both
Looking back/Life: Every experience made me who I am Today, let see what the future holds.
Chilling: On nature walks with my family and reading books
Favorites: Movie- Singing in the rain with Gene Kelly. Music - mainly from the '80 (Extreme - More than words)
Favourite location/City: Apart from Tramore it would be my hometown Košice.
Books: By Mikhail Thombak - Can we live to 150? and others
Dinner/Favourite restaurant: Home Slovakia cooked meals anything with Sour cabbage.
Other Life: Be happy...
Hobbies: All kinds of Arts&Crafts (painting, weaving, wood work...)